Founded in 1999, Sofin is a Quebec-based private financing firm. The company first started out investing primarily in the construction industry. Over the years as the firm grew, it diversified its areas of focus, developing an interest in sports facilities, restaurants, pharma and agrifood, as well as airline transportation.

Today, Sofin manages a diverse investment portfolio and continues to expand and add new investment sectors to its roster.

social commitment

One of Sofin’s missions is to contribute to local development. We have developed a strong connection to communities and seek to enrich the lives of their members. When we invest in a business, we ensure that it shares our vision and values. By doing so, we join forces to support local programs and help build a vibrant society for tomorrow.

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Sustainable development and new technology are at the core of our firm’s vision. We’ve firmly set our sights on tomorrow and constantly push the envelope to drive growth and consolidate our position in the market.

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Sofin’s growing investment portfolio spans a range of sectors and includes several major players.

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Nomination of Mr. Éric St-Denis

Sofin's management is pleased to announce the nomination of Mr. Éric St-Denis as Director of Engineering / Special Projects Manager.




A developer and general contractor known as a tireless innovator in many business sectors within the construction industry, Syscomax designs large-scale projects defined by boldness and originality. Its team includes multidisciplinary experts that make it a flexible partner, offering a vast range of services under one roof. Discover the company


This major real estate development housing contemporary condos that combine style and functionality is situated in the heart of Laval, along Highway 440 near Carrefour Laval and the Centropolis. The Axial Towers complex offers convenient access to stores and restaurants for every taste. Discover the company

PAMA Manufacturing

Specializing in the manufacturing of customized disposable and (non-)sterile medical supplies, this company currently makes over 600 products for use in hospitals, CHSLDs (residential and long-term care centres), medical centres and at home. Discover the company

Café Caucus

This small, modern bistro located in Mirabel, Quebec, serves a professional clientele and provides a selection of meals to neighbouring office buildings. The bistro includes a dining area, a refrigerated counter as well as a kitchen space for preparing meals.

Pro-Amino International inc.

This food manufacturer has been making quality products since 1988. The company develops and manufactures under contract a wide range of protein-rich dietary supplements targeted to companies with independent brands. Discover the company


This company produces a dietary formula designed to help people lose unwanted weight. The company merges specialized nutritional science with leading-edge technology and concepts to offer specialized protein-dense programs and products that meet the nutritional needs of people at every life stage. The products are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada. The company’s manufacturing program is federally registered. Discover the company


This company markets a complete line of nutritional products containing 75%-80% high biological value protein that are low in calories, carbohydrates and fats. All preparations include 21 amino acids. ProtiLife® is a healthy and balanced weight-loss program, scientifically formulated to help people slim down and maintain their weight. Discover the company


This company, a private FBO located directly on the Mirabel International Airport tarmac, offers high-end helicopter transportation services, whether for executive transportation, observation and working missions or aerial photography. Hélibellule serves a sophisticated clientele and offers a full range of international-calibre FBO services with warm, personal service and Québécois charm. Discover the company


This company specializes in dietary supplements, and its mission is to help athletes reach the peak in their discipline. Backed by advanced technology, recent scientific insights and a rigorous approach, GenEthix prepares tomorrow’s champions by offering premium NSF-certified products. Discover the company

Isatis Sport

This company specializes in ice sports and currently runs three sports centres (Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and Saint-Constant), all of which are equipped with NHL-sized ice surfaces and use the latest refrigeration and energy-efficient technology. The company oversees its own adult hockey league (the LHAI), a hockey school for both kids and adults, as well as a 3-on-3 league for young people. It also organizes hockey tournaments. Isatis Sport makes it a priority to offer its clientele outstanding services, including a premium resto-bar, an elite training facility as well as a sports store with very competitive pricing. Discover the company

Éric St-Denis

Sofin's management is pleased to announce the nomination of Mr. Éric St-Denis as Director of Engineering / Special Projects Manager.

Working at Syscomax, general construction contractor, as an engineer and special projects manager for 8 years, Mr. St-Denis previously worked at Bouthillette Parizeau and at Kolostat where he was able to perfect his expertise.

Senior engineer, holder of a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sherbrooke in 2007, PA LEED® and PMP® certified, it is with confidence that we believe that Mr. St-Denis will be able to fulfill his new functions with brio and that he will be able to meet the challenges inherent with his new responsibilities.